video pal is live

Video Pal is LIVE – Animated and Human Walking-Talking Video Hosts

Video Pal is groundbreaking video
software that is being released RIGHT
NOW. It will allow you to create animated
and “real-person” ‘Video Pals’, that
walk and talk across any website!

You can choose from a range
of different possibilities:

You can add:

– 2D Animated Pals
– 3D Animated Pals
– Human Pals
– Or, and this is critical, you can even add
yourself as a ‘Pal’… on your own, or even
someone else’s website!

It only gets better from there…

You can then add your chosen “voice-over” for
your Video Pal, and in fact, the voice-over can be
your own voice, a stored voice-over clip that you
have, or a fabulous ‘TEXT TO SPEECH’ voice OR
a pre-recorded audio voice from the software.

The Text to Speech is phenomenal with over 40
voices in 24 languages!

Finally you can choose to add a ‘Call To Action’ button,
Timer, or ‘Opt-in form’ to your character.

This is a ‘must see’ software that’s probably the most
complete ANIMATED Sales “Pal” software on the market
right now… and the intro price is so low today that this
is a total no-brainer..

Think about what you can use this for..

– Add hosts (Pals) to ecommerce sites
– Add a review right not top of an affiliate sales page
– Add a welcoming host to a client’s local website
(There is an option on the inside for Agency Rights)

The list is really endless!

Video Pal is being introduced to the public at a really
crazy low-price just for the introduction to the market.
Take advantage of this today. It has been produced by
renowned video marketers Todd Gross and Paul Ponna,
with their 30 years of combined marketing experience
worked into this software. It is software FOR video
marketers made by video marketers.

Click this button to learn more about Video Pal and be amazed with exclusive bonuses for you