How To Re-write PLR Articles Easily To Make It Unique

How to Re-Write PLR Articles

Tiffany Washko

How To Re-write PLR Articles Easily To Make It Unique


Post by : Juan Carlos Sanchez

Ideally, everything you publish on the web is unique and found nowhere else. There are several ways you can ensure content stays original:

Create your own content
Hire a ghost writer to create original content for you
Buy PLR content and customize it so that it becomes unique

The first option is obviously time consuming even for the person who loves to write. The second option sounds reasonable but it would cost you huge sums of money. Quality ghost writers will charge large sums of money to produce great material.

The third choice is the best for the average busy marketer with a tight budget. Articles found at PLR websites are written at a fraction of what an individual ghost writer would charge for the same content. But of course it’s cheap for a reason: other people are buying the same content and posting it on their own websites, which is why you need to learn how to rewrite PLR or customize it.
If you’re not a writer, then rewriting all that material will seem like a hard job but with a few tips and guidelines you could learn how to do it in minutes. Here’s how:

Learn how your readers approach web content

People don’t read content on a computer the same way they do on a physical book. Let’s quickly go over some key information:

Readers want to get in, get what they want and get out
Readers will scan the article, pausing at headings, first sentences and bullet points; as opposed to reading every word
Readers like white space so cramming a web page with little breaks and spaces will chase them away
Images and graphics are excellent but don’t overdo it
Use clear, short sentences, and keep it straightforward

Now that you know what your readers want, start with the following:

Change the title (visitors will read the title)
Edit the intro by adding your own words, or find a way to rework the original
Paraphrase some of the body. Find areas that could be improved and work in your magic
Change the order of the paragraphs. Unless there’s a good reason to keep the article in sequential order, you can play around with the paragraphs.
Read the article again and see if it’s good enough to post.
With that little formula you will never have a problem with PLR content. It’s simple, quick and it works.

How To Re-write PLR Articles Easily To Make It Unique

10 Benefits of Using PLR Content

Make Money with PLR Articles… 10 Easy Steps


Post by : Juan Carlos Sanchez

If you are new to the world of PLR and web content, or have trouble creating great content for your brand, then Private Label Rights would be a good solution for you. You’ve heard people say ‘content is king’ and for the most part it is, but sometimes getting hold of great content can be challenging but luckily you have the option of hiring someone to draw the content for you, or more preferably, use PLR to create usable content.

Here are ten benefits of using Private Label Rights content:

  1. You can rewrite the content and submit to article directories

It’s one of the main advantages of PLR and it means that you can post the rewrites to popular directories, include a link to your site, blog or affiliate page. Link building in an essential part of any marketing plan so if you want to establish a net of quality links for search engines to trip on, then PLR will do it for you and also boost your traffic.

  1. Builds email list

If you’ve worked in affiliate marketing then you know the importance of having a solid email list for marketing a product or service. As a way to grow you list, you can start offering bulks of PLR content by pulling in new subscribers and making sure they know they have exclusive rights to useful content.

  1. Use as free giveaways

It’s another cool way to use this content, where you hand out specific PLR articles on your blog as a way to grow your subscription. It’s a simple process: you ask the visitors to subscribe to the feed and get tonnes of content in the form of PLR articles covering a wide range of topics.
4. Make an eBook

Another great way to make extra money online, and you don’t even have to write anything by yourself if you have access to PLR content. By combining a bunch of articles on related topics, you can create a sensible eBook and sell it on your blog.

  1. Create niche websites

With access to unlimited PLR content, you can create as many niche websites as you’d like. Figure out which audiences you want to appeal to and look for relevant content.
6. Speed and convenience

Suppose you found out your audience is in need of particular content, and you haven’t got the time to write an eBook, you could just combine a bunch of articles online and whip something up. You would have an eBook in less than a day; that makes it a great convenience.

  1. Accessibility

Anyone can access PLR content online so that allows you great freedom. Most of the content is affordable and some you might even get for free. This gives you a good foundation when you want to start working on a new blog, subscription, etc.

  1. Update your sites easily

For many people creating new content for their blogs or site is the single most challenging job but because you can’t keep recycling old material, there comes a need to find good content to post. PLR makes it easier for site owners and bloggers.

  1. More ways to grow your business

You have access to articles, eBooks, pdf, autoresponder emails, blog posts, reports, etc: and with this material you can maximize growth by generating targeted leads to your website.

  1. start guest blogging and writing

You wouldn’t need to do a lot of writing anyway but you will be able to post content on blogs, e-zines and then possibly tap into social media by dropping links to your articles. This will add to your online presence.


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10 Benefits of Using PLR Content